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Red-Bag is an independent company that specializes in software development for piping and mechanical engineering. Also services are provided such as authority consulting services. The name of Red-Bag is originating from the letters B-a-d-g-e-r. Badger was a leading engineering and construction company in the petroleum and chemicals industry until mid nineties. Red-Bag is founded by former Badger employees who gained extensive experience in the execution of Badger's projects. Red-Bag is a company that services end-users and suppliers of the petrochemical industry. The core business focuses on software for the full supply chain from design, build upto operation plus maintenance. The disciplines covered are equipment and piping engineering.


The organization is build around the core business of providing specialist software and services to our customers. At the same time the organization is responsive to sudden requests for assistance and to the specific requirements of our customers.

Producten en diensten van Red-Bag BV

Software applicaties voor de petrochemische industrie

Product : Bedrijfssoftware.
Onze producten PCC en VES stellen onze klanten in staat om efficient mechanische en in/uitwendig druk berekeningen te maken voor drukvaten, warmtewisselaars, pijpleidingen en pijpleiding componenten. Onze klanten variëren van olie raffinaderijen, engineering contractors tot en met fabrikanten van drukvaten, warmtewisselaars en pijpleiding componenten.

Algemene software development

Dienst : Software ontwikkeling.
Levering van software ontwikkeling voor allerhande toepassingen, de toepassingen kunnen kleine services zijn op een server of complete applicaties.

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